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Don Reed, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.
1634 Walnut Street, Suite 201
Boulder, Colorado 80302

Contact information:

(303) 654-7332

Don Reed, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Professional Interests and Specialties:

I approach the interactive therapy process with warmth, humor,
energy and a spirit of optimism. At the same time, I accept each
client's unique personality, understand the complexities of positive
change, and respect the depth of human feeling.

•  Help FAMILIES deal with crisis, transitions, grief/loss,
    separation/divorce, and normal family life issues

•  Work with COUPLES to improve communication, intimacy, and
    resolve conflict

•  Support PARENTS to nurture growth, set effective limits, manage
    conflict, and negotiate with their children

•  Help ADOLESCENTS develop self-confidence, deal with identity
    issues, and effectively manage emancipation

•  Help INDIVIDUALS grow and increase self-awareness, while dealing
    with anxiety, depression, and problems of living

•  SEX therapy: difficulties with communication (sex talk), inhibition,
    performance, sexual addictions, aging and sexuality

•  MEN'S issues: affirming role as father, reducing "conversational dread",
    encouraging intimacy, managing anger, and balancing career and
    family ties

Patient Age Groups:

Mid-Life Adults




M.S.W., University of Denver, 1968; Postgraduate Externship: Colorado Institute for Marriage and the Family

Background and Experience:

Over 40 years experience, including 35 years in private practice; founding member of the Family Therapy Center of Boulder

Professional Affiliations and Activities:

National Association of Social Workers