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Elizabeth M Barton, L.C.S.W., Ph.D.
1221 Pearl Street, Suite 8
Boulder, Colorado 80302

Contact information:

(720) 384-6212
(303) 443-6635 (fax)

Elizabeth M Barton, L.C.S.W., Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boulder providing
psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, couples,
and families.

Professional Interests and Specialties:

I create a warm, accepting context for you to discover
solutions to problems in living. We can address child and
adolescent acting out, parenting difficulties, marital conflict,
midlife crises, and trauma, as well as depression, anxiety,
anger, guilt, and poor self-image. A successful outcome
includes acceptance of pain, recognition of its transitory nature,
and managing your own feelings. You can embrace joy in
positive experiences irrespective of negative ones. Things can
still be funny - and you can learn the power of self-compassion.

•  Children with emotional/behavioral problems,
    including ADHD, PTSD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder

•  Adolescents with mild to severe emotional/behavioral

•  Family conflict/communication, divorced/blended families,
    parenting difficult children/adolescents

•  Integrating trauma in children/adults

•  Coping skills for grief, loss, and depression

•  Adoption issues, including transracial adoption

•  DBT-based individual and family therapy, Cognitive
    Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Play Therapy, Solution
    Focused Therapy

Patient Age Groups:





Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1978
M.B.A., Pennsylvania State University
M.S.W., University of Denver

Background and Experience:

Doctorate in Life Span Human Development; Hospice Bereavement Group Leader;
Montessori Pre-School Teacher; BVSD School Social Worker and Interventionist;
MHP Child and Family Therapist and Clinical Supervisor; Mental Health Disaster
Field Training

Professional Affiliations and Activities:

National Association of Social Workers
US/China Joint Conference on Social Work Delegation

Other information:

Elizabeth Barton also offers the following therapy groups:

DBT Group for Parents and Teens
This is a skill-building group for families that want less conflict in their relationships. In this group, you will learn to feel successful handling conflict, control the feelings that want to control you, live through your lows without going lower, and discover the middle path in your family. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a psycho-educational approach which builds competence in emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, and walking the middle path. These skills are uniquely suited for the kinds of difficulties facing parents and teenagers. DBT can be used in conjunction with individual therapy. Call for dates and times