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Susan Caso, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor
2935 Baseline Road, Suite 302
Boulder, Colorado 80303

Contact information:

(303) 646-7394

Susan Caso, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor

Boulder Family Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor in Boulder providing
psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, couples,
families and groups.

Professional Interests and Specialties:

I believe that a genuine connection between a therapist
and a client is a key component of the therapeutic process.
You will find that I provide a warm, empathetic, and
non-judgmental environment.

Specializing in helping adults, adolescents, and children
with issues of anxiety, depression, and low self esteem.

Would you like to:

•  Control your moods and thoughts instead of letting them
    control you?

•  Be more empowered in your life?

•  Improve your relationship with family and friends?

•  Discover how your thoughts and judgments influence you?

•  Understand how past trauma is effecting you today?

•  Manage life transitions better?

•  Heal from unresolved issues?

•  Learn what coping skills work for you, and how to use
    them before your emotions and thoughts spiral out of control?

Patient Age Groups:





Masters in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education, University of Colorado-Denver, 2003
Dual Undergraduate Degrees in Psychology and Human Development, University of Kansas, May, 1992

Background and Experience:

Over 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, families, and adults individuals in a variety of settings.

Professional Affiliations and Activities:

Second Wind Fund
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

Other information:

Also providing:
Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Esteem issues